Основне академске студије

Bachelor Academic Studies


Architecture Design 3, Фатљинд Чолаку, 2019.

Bachelor academic studies in Architecture last four years and are worth at least 240 ECTS. After defending their Bachelor’s thesis, the students acquire a Bachelor’s degree in architecture. The students acquire the competencies needed to solve practical real-world problems, critical thinking skills, problem analyzing skills, skills for solution synthesis, predicting the behavior of the selected solution with a clear idea of the pros and cons of the selected solution, as well as the ability to solve specific problems using scientific methods and procedures. Architecture graduates are able to write and present the results of their research work in an appropriate way, i.e., to make their design work concrete and present it graphically. During their studies, the students are encouraged to extensively use information and communication technologies, as well as to use the latest software for design and graphic representation. The students are taught to conceptualize projects based on a given program, work on their development, coordinate the work of others involved in the process, organize the work of the design team, prepare construction documentation, supervise or manage the construction process itself. During their studies, the students develop the abilities to independently solve design tasks, work on possible solutions and make responsible decisions on the application of the final solution, clearly judging all its qualities. The students acquire competencies that enable them to use professional literature, the ability to think critically, the ability to analyze problems, synthesize solutions and solve real problems they encounter in practice, as well as to continue their education if they choose to do so.

Head of the study program Bachelor Academic Studies
Milena Krklješ, PhD
Associate Professor

+ 381 21  485-2462


Information on the Bachelor Academic studies in Architecture is available on the website of the Faculty of Technical Sciences: