Докторске академске студије – архитектура


Doctoral studies

Doctoral dissertation: Contribution to developing methods of the architectural design of school buildings, Dejan Ecet, 2019
Dissertation supervisors: Jelena Atanacković Jeličić, PhD and Milan Rapaić, PhD

The name of the study program of doctoral academic studies is Architecture. The academic title that is obtained is Doctor of Philosophy – Architecture (Ph.D.). The final outcome of the education process is the improvement and enhancement of the knowledge acquired during previous levels of study which enables students to become capable of independent scientific research. Doctoral academic studies in Architecture last three years and are worth at least 180 ECTS. Out of that, 80 ECTS credits are obtained by passing exams in specific subjects, 40 ECTS credits through study and research work and passing the exam in Theoretical Foundations of a doctoral dissertation, and 60 ECTS credits are acquired by preparing and defending a doctoral dissertation. The course Doctoral Dissertation – Theoretical Foundation is a qualifying exam for a doctoral dissertation in which students show that they have mastered the necessary theoretical knowledge in the scientific field of interest. Theoretical Foundations exam consists of two parts: a written proposal where the topic of the planned doctoral dissertation, its research field, research problem, preliminary hypotheses, planned methods of scientific research, as well as lists of literature and other sources, which form the basic research platform are presented. The second part of the exam is the oral defence of the dissertation before the Committee.

Doctoral studies are organized through lectures, research studies, scientific work, preparation and defence of a doctoral dissertation. Doctoral students develop their topics around four research areas: architecture (theory and practice), city, technology and design. At the beginning of the study, the student adopts the basics of the research framework and methodology of its implementation, then gets acquainted with the possibilities of applying the adopted apparatus in the field of architecture, determines multi-layered research contexts and their interpretations for the formation of the research field, gets acquainted with the approaches to the formation of architectural discourse on the basis of conceptual or theoretical frameworks. In their further work, students define their research interests by choosing the subjects they will study, which contribute to the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the area (topic) of their doctoral dissertation.

The elective courses are selected from a group of proposed courses within the study program, but students have the option of choosing other courses according to their preferences and wishes from other study programs at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, the University of Novi Sad or another university in the country or abroad. In this case, the consent of the mentor (advisor) must be obtained and the preconditions pertaining to the elective courses must be met. Doctoral level courses (required or elective) are taught as group courses or individual (mentoring). Group teaching is organized if there are five or more students on a course or if this type of teaching is necessary due to nature (character) of the subject. The decision on the type of teaching and elective courses to be organized is made by the Head of Doctoral Studies with the consent of the Head of Doctoral Studies of the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

Head of the study program Doctoral academic studies
Radivoje Dinulović, PhD
Full Professor

+ 381 21  485-2643


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