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About the Department of Architecture and Urbanism

The current Department of Architecture and Urbanism was established in 1996 as a Major course of study in Architecture within the Department of Civil Engineering, and under the leadership of the creator of the first study programme of architecture at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Prof. Dr Ranko Radović.

Since then, the idea of researching the complex field of Architecture, as an interdisciplinary field between technical and technological sciences, social and humanities sciences, and arts has been continually developing until today. Classes are held at two study programmes at undergraduate academic studies (Architecture; Scene Architecture, Techniques and Design), five study programmes at Master academic studies (Architecture; Digital Technologies, Design and Production in Architecture; Regional Policies and Development; Scene Architecture and Design; and Scene Architecture and Technique), as well as two programmes at doctoral academic studies – scientific doctoral studies (Architecture), and artistic doctoral studies (Scene Design).

Teaching, scientific, professional and artistic work at the Department is organized at four Chairs (Chair for Architecture and Urbanism, Chair for Theories and Interpretations of Space in Architecture and Urbanism, Chair for Arts, and Chair for Scene Design), the Sub-department of Arts and Design that was founded in 2017, as well as three centres (Centre for Scene Design, Architecture and Technology; Centre for Digital Design; and Centre for Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism).

The activities of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism can be divided into three main categories: teaching, research (scientific and artistic, as well as interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary), and activities related to direct interventions and practical application of knowledge and experience in the context of modern everyday life.

The results in all three domains, recognized by similar institutions in the European and global academic space, are the main achievement, and also the constant goal of the employees of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism.