Мастер академске студије – уметност и дизајн

Седам Гласника, Анђа Брстина, Зоја Ердељан, Маја Ивановић, Милица Мирковић, Мирјана Рис, Луна Шаламон и Јелена Вукмановић, 2019.

Scene Architecture and Design

Master Academic Studies

Master Academic Study Programme for Scene Architecture and Design enables students to gain a wide spectrum of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of scene architecure, design, techniques and technology. Furthermore, students gain an insight into project management within the field of scene architecture and design.

The programme is intented for artists and experts from different fields – architects, set designers, costume designers, light and sound designers, visual and applied artists, graphic, industrial and web designers, directors, actors and producers, culture and art managers, dramatists and playwrights. Also, the programme is targeted at students who graduated from the other deparments of the Faculty of Technical Sciences and who wish to further develop their skills and competencies within a field of scene architecture and design. Design of Architectural Space, Design of Performing Space and Design of Virtual Space are the main fields of studies suitable for the master thesis.

Master Academic Studies of Scene Architecture and Design are open for candidates who completed undergraduate academic studies at some of the study programmes at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, or at some of the Faculties of Art, Technical Sciences or Social Sciences in Serbia or abroad, with at least 240 ECTS. Master studies last for one year (2 semesters) and, by the end, students are obliged to collect 60 ECTS. Upon postgraduation, students gain academic degree Master of Arts in Scene Design. 

Head of the study program | Scene architecture and design
Radivoje Dinulović, PhD
Full Professor of Arts

+ 381 21  485-2643


For more information visit the page: http://www.scen.uns.ac.rs/eng/?page_id=34